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Idea: Parameter passing -Dynamic queries for user drilldowns? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Parameter passing -Dynamic queries for user drilldowns?
  • VoteVote Up5Vote Down     acohen January 15, 2015 9:41AM
    I know this idea has come up in several other forms already, primarily via threads tagged/labelled 'parameter passing'. Essentially, it is often not practical to bring in all of the data one might need to see into an instance of Omniscope and so the data is aggregated at some level.

    However a user needs the functionality to be able to see further detail in some instances. If the user could trigger a parametrised SQL query to reload/refresh the data with one or more parameters set, it would enable an additional, more granular and personalised view of that data that would be ideal.

    For instance, the user is looking at monthly data of some sort. Daily data would be unmanageable and unnecessary as the dataset would contain tens of millions of rows. The idea is the user can click on a particular record/set a parameter, say the month and then behind the scenes a dynamic query is done to bring up the daily data which can be viewed in a seperate view/file.
  •     Mees January 15, 2015 9:44AM
    Agree. Good idea. Something we can use as well.

  •     tjbate January 15, 2015 11:59AM
    Posts currently tagged parameter-passing can be seen here:

    Broadly, this is something that currently works, but requires 2 paid Desktops, one to filter the less granular file, assign a value to the parameter, and pass it to another instance of Omniscope, running a second file, which then applies the incoming parameter to its custom SQL in its own Database Source block, and loads/refreshes the second IOK file with the focussed, granular data. This works fine for years and even has a video showing it in action:

    Scenarios where the end user has only a free Viewer, or is consuming Server-hosted files via browser deployments currently do not support parameter-passing.

    Free Viewers can be enabled to support refresh, but only from master Source IOK data files, not via parameterised SQL databases with an incoming parameter.

    Unfortunately, the way that the existing parameter-passing between Desktops was implemented means that allowing Server-hosted IOK files which are being consumed in a browser to pass parameters within the Server in response to end user filtering actions in the browser would be a major undertaking.

  •     acohen January 15, 2015 12:05PM
    Thanks Tom, yes I'm aware this broadly works for licensed users and was referring to getting a similar thing working for general report users (i.e. on free-view). Appreciate this is a complex undertaking and would just say again that it would be a highly beneficial addition to Omniscope for us.

  •     Mees January 23, 2015 9:17AM
    For one of our clients we have developed a system that is integrated with Omniscope server. End user signs in on our client's website and hits a button. We receive these credentials and launch an Omniscope mobile report that is populated with data for this user only.

    We can embed this functionality in an Omniscope mobile report using a webview. The webview contains a button which is built up based on the user's filter settings in the report. These settings are pushed to our server and launch a second mobile report.
    The second report contains the next (more detailed) level data that is too large for the first report as described above by acohen above.

  •     acohen September 22, 2015 10:26AM
    Thanks Mees, that sounds like a great idea


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