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Table View: Freeze columns in a scrolling table? - Visokio Forums
Table View: Freeze columns in a scrolling table?
  •     ALC December 15, 2014 10:50AM
    Is it possible to 'freeze' the first 5 columns in a table so that they will stay visible when you scroll to the right?
  •     tjbate December 15, 2014 11:09AM
    Anna - No, this is not currently possible using only one Table View. However, you can use two Table Views placed on the tab next to each other with no margin or divider, such that one Table View always shows only the 5 fixed columns, and the other Table View the rest of the columns/fields of interest.
  •     ALC December 15, 2014 11:25AM
    That would work - how do I remove the divider? also is there a way in which I can ensure that the data stays in line if you scroll up/down in one table?
  •     tjbate December 15, 2014 12:16PM
    Vertical scrolling will not be synchronised across the two different views, so if displaying a 'long' data set with lots of rows, the end user could get lost, unless you use record numbers as row headers in both views to help end users manually match the views.

    To minimise the division between the two tables, hide the links from the row footers:

    From the View toolbar:

    Tools (Spanner/wrench drop down) > ?_Other > Row options > unclick 'Show link shortcuts' You can also set Row title to be 'none' if you don't need record numbers.

    To eliminate the divider between the two views, you can simply set the Canvas background colour to be the same as the View background colour:

    Styles > Application styles > Edit > and set Canvas & Main Toolbar background to be the same as Views Background. You can also set the View background to Transparent.


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