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Outputs: Sharing the Dashboard?
  • pnaarayan December 10, 2014 12:26AM
    How to share the final story board with the team members and management?

    Please share the same.
  •     tjbate December 10, 2014 2:51PM
    Ramesh - There are many, many ways to deploy/share 'story boards' or 'dashboards' or any form a presentation configured in an Omniscope IOK file.

    free Viewer - the best way to share IOK files with recipients/consumers of your IOK files is for them to download and fully-install their own local version of the free Viewer (it will install even without install privileges). This means the file will run locally from its own copy of the portable data set using the recipients' local machine resources and provide the best overall experience. If you have a Server Edition, your IOK files are empowered to permit many additional actions in free Viewers, like live refresh, export to Excel and more. You can read more about the free Viewer deployment option here:

    Custom JAR/Web Start - if for some reason your recipients cannot install the free Viewer, but like most people they have a recent version of Java installed on their machine (all Windows & Mac machines do), then you can send them a link (called a JNLP link) that will download and (temporarily) install the free Viewer and run the bundled IOK Report file. Omniscope can combine a copy of the free Viewer with your Report file and deliver both using the option Settings > Advanced > Tools > Create custom JAR. You can read more about the Custom JAR/Web Start deployment option here:

    Browser deployment/HTML5/JS - Some devices, like iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks do not support Java, so neither of the above options can be used. From version 2.9, if you have a Server Edition, you can host web-versions of your IOK files that can be consumed directly from browsers. This option is also useful for embedding your visualisations in web portals/pages. If you have a Desktop Edition, you can upload test versions of your files and send links, but only for 3 months. You can read more about the browser deployment option here:

    Omniscope also outputs static document formats like PDF and PowerPoint, as well as screenshot images.

  •     Mees December 11, 2014 6:22AM
    Hi Ramesh,

    Thomas pointed me at your Forum Post and allowed me to mention our online portal for management information “Deltascope”.
    Deltascope is developed by Orange Peak Company and is a fast growing platform for companies to distribute their management information within their organization, but also beyond (clients, suppliers etc).

    Reports, Omniscope reports, are launched in the Free Viewer, Java Webstart and in HTML5. On report level you define these settings.
    It’s easy the duplicate a report, and launch it as HTML5 for colleague 1 and as Free Viewer for colleague 2. As the two reports are based on the same source template file, you’ll only have to refresh once!
    Reports are refreshed by your own schedulers and published on the Deltascope servers via secure connections. Alternatively is a manual upload on Deltascope also possible.

    As Deltascope contains a user right admin environment, you are able to assign the reports to various people. This way you make sure everyone gets the information they require in the right way on all devices possible.

    The Deltascope platform can be published on all domains you like, e.g.

    I am happy to demonstrate the system to you via a screen sharing meeting. Feel free to contact me on

    Kind regards


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