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Filtering: Re-ranking filtered data sets? - Visokio Forums
Filtering: Re-ranking filtered data sets?
  • abhishekdas1989 September 5, 2014 6:16AM

    I have a medium sized data set ~2500 records. My filter is a checkbox filter (I can select any number of records, filter field is non-repeating text). The idea here is to make this filtered data a subset as I want to perform some operations on this filtered data.

    The end goal is to assign a rank to each record of this randomly selected subset of data. So, if an additioal record is selected, the ranks may change based on the field value of the new record.
  •     tjbate September 7, 2014 4:45PM
    Adding a Formula field to calculate RANK into a data set will return only global ranking for the entire unfiltered ALL data set and this will display in the Table View only as global rankings, even if you set the data set to Filtered IN and force recalculation of the RANK function after filtering.

    You CAN make a formula containing the RANK function sensitive to filtering by placing the formula inside another view, usually the Content View. However, view-level formulae inserted into other views such as the Content View is not the same as creating a formula field that adds a new persistent transformation to the data set. Formulae inserted in the Content View return a just a single value, rather than a new, re-ranked column of user-filtered values.

    Content View display of re-evaluated single values based on a user-filtered subset CAN be useful, for example:

    "Average of your filtered/queried values= 'X' "

    However, displaying the new filtered column of values and new ranking inside the Content View would require some custom JavaScript.

    Also, 'top/bottom n' formula to test for say IF Rank GTE 10 or LTE 5 are global, persistent field assignations, which means that using Subset functions looking at whether a given record is 'top/bottom n' are only global and do NOT re-evaluate to reflect the user filtering inside Views.

    This type of continuously re-evaluated rankings of filtered values is being discussed in various idea threads under the label tag 'Pareto'

    The discussions are available here:

    Please add your use case(s) and comments.
  •     tjbate September 7, 2014 5:54PM
    The example file below illustrates the current behaviors. You can use one or more user-set variables to influence the Ranking function calculation over a subset.

    The Content View reacts to both filtering and selection, but you cannot use the RANK function itself inside the Content View because of architectural limitations of functions defined only within views.
  •     tjbate September 9, 2014 4:05AM
    Please note that there is a difference between a RANK function and a DENSERANK function, as explained here:


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