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Content View: Insert Multiple Subset Record Count into 1 Table? - Visokio Forums
Content View: Insert Multiple Subset Record Count into 1 Table?
  • MattBoxall June 12, 2014 4:56AM
    Hi Team!

    I have multiple source excels plugged into Omni, I've filtered them to get the desired numbers and then saved them as 3 queries.

    "Number of Plans"
    "Number of New Plans"
    "Number of Closed Plans"

    I'm currently making a table in Content View where a cell has a function inserted that will do RECORDCOUNT(SUBSET) and return the filtered number from my query selected, which works when the query is selected via data subset selection. i.e. Subset: "Number of Plans".

    I was wondering how to get all 3 query numbers into one content view via a table/3 cells as I can only insert a formula recordcount(subset) and I don't know how to reference other queries.

    currently I have got 1 content view per query and it looks a bit separated.
    Much thanks,
  •     paola June 12, 2014 12:21PM
    If your queries are using simple criteria e.g. [Plan status]="closed" or "new" etc, you should use subset formulas e.g.
    SUBSET_NONEMPTYCOUNT([FieldA],SUBSET([Plan Status],"closed"))

    This will give you flexibility to pick different data subset for every cell.
  • MattBoxall June 13, 2014 4:14AM
    I'm not sure this would work as I have got 3 seperate reports (sources) appending into one and then into omniscope. I have to count the total row items of each report, plus some removing of the occassional non value by the filter options.

    So far it's worked fine as I've just created a dial view, applied a query and it will display the number needed. It's just now that I want to reference a query in a formula that I'm having trouble as i need to input each previous query's total number into a table in a content view.

    They have got all of the same field names in the original excel, hence I've been filtering by source to get a base count of total records in a field. If I just count Field A, it will count all records from all 3 reports.
  •     paola June 13, 2014 6:12AM
    You can go up to Subset4 function, which will allow you to specify multiple variable values to create a subset e.g. [Source],[Plan Status],[Field 3],[Field 4]
    DECLARE function is used to call the result of a previous calculation.

    Content view results are sensitive to filtering and formulas will be recalculated (if you select 'Filtered data' in the Content view subset menu). This menu can also be set to query data, but might not be ideal if you wish to use multiple queries. As mentioned above, use Subset1,2,3,4 to apply formulas to different subsets in the Content table.
    Please see Omniscope functions list :

    and post a sample file or call for screenshare if you need more help.


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