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Security: List Of Users authentication - Visokio Forums
Security: List Of Users authentication
  •     Veaceslav May 26, 2014 6:12AM
    Mobile Web Server Authentication

    List Of Users authentication mechanism

    Besides Single-Sign-On (SPNEGO) and LDAP Query mechanisms which authenticate users that are stored and managed on other servers like LDAP, Omniscope Mobile server may be configured to validate Omniscope users by manually adding custom users on server. Those users are stored in Omniscope Server configuration files (config.xml, folder.xml).

    Configuration steps

    1. Open Edit Default folder configuration dialog (Visokio Omniscope Server window -> Mobile Web Server section -> Config button -> Permissions section -> Default folder configuration -> Edit)
    2. Make sure to properly edit anonymous permissions first (actions that are allowed for anonymous users will not use authentication).
    3. Add a new group (or edit an existing group)
      - Note: Disabled groups are not considered during authentication


    4. Edit group permissions
    5. For group mechanisms click the Add button and select List of users.

    6. Add users.



    Legacy Omniscope users

    List Of Users authentication mechanism is a replacement for the legacy Omniscope users. Old configuration files are converted automatically.

    Users are grouped automatically based on their permissions and whether users are enabled or disabled.

    Legacy users:

    • User 1 with permissions A, enabled
    • User 2 with permissions B, enabled
    • User 3 with permissions A, enabled
    • User 4 with permissions A, disabled
    • User 5 with permissions A, enabled

    Are automatically converted to:
    • Group 1 with permissions A, enabled having User 1, User 3, User 5
    • Group 2 with permissions A, disabled having User 4
    • Group 3 with permissions B, enabled having User 2

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