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New: "Search/replace" now supports RegEx and Wildcards (2.9+) - Visokio Forums
New: "Search/replace" now supports RegEx and Wildcards (2.9+)
  • victor January 27, 2014 8:02AM
    The DataManager operation "Search/replace" now supports two new search modes to enable more powerful operations with fewer task entries.


    You can now use wildcards (* and ? ) in the "Search for" field for a simple, yet powerful, search/replace...or you can use full-fledged Regular Expressions (RegEx) which can read and even re-write almost any text string to bring out visual and filtering patterns implicit in raw unstructured data.

    The regular expression syntax and replacement patterns are the same as the ones used in the formula function REPLACEREGEX. For a complete reference of the RegEx syntax, visit
    regex1.png 45K


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