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Web Server: HTTPS and URL Redirection
  • antonio     antonio December 6, 2013 10:42AM
    Omniscope Mobile Web Server allows you to configure both HTTPS and URL redirection.

    These two different redirection rules are applied in the following order:
    1. URL Redirection: redirects incoming client requests to a different host/context
      This technique allows you to make a web address/context available under more than one URL address.
      It can be used for URL shortening, to prevent broken links, to allow multiple domain names to refer to a single Omniscope Mobile. (more info here)

      Host redirection
      For instance, the following configuration allows to redirect the client, that was navigating to "", to the different "" host.
      e.g. it redirects from "" to ""

      Context redirection
      Another example is to redirect requests to a particular context (e.g. link to a particular IOK file)
      Say that your server is serving at "http://server.domain" and you want to redirect "http://server.domain/dashboard" to the full link "http://server.domain/MyDefinitelyBeautifulDashboard.iok". The following configuration allow you to do so.
      e.g. it redirects from "http://server.domain/dashboard" to "http://server.domain/MyDefinitelyBeautifulDashboard.iok"

      Host and context redirection
      This example combines host and context redirection.
      Say that you server is serving at "" and you want to redirect the "/demo" context to a different host "https://demoserver/" and different context "/MyBeautifulDashboard.iok". Then use the following configuration
      It will redirect from "" to "https://demoserver/MyBeautifulDashboard.iok".

      To redirect all incoming requests to a particular context regardless your server host/virtualhost name, then leave the VirtualHosts field empty.

      N.B. by specifying the Redirect from field you define which context has to be redirected.
      If you leave it blank then the URL redirection will be applied on all the incoming requests. In this case it is better if you perform redirection to a different host by specifying a full URL in the Redirect to field (e.g. "https://differentHost/pathTo/file.iok")
      Be aware that misconfiguration may create redirect loop error.

    2. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: redirects all incoming HTTP requests to HTTPS.
      If the HTTPS protocol is enabled, this option will configure your server to serve the content only through the HTTPS secured channel.
  • aknotts     aknotts May 15, 2015 6:35AM
    In the above, you can comma separate a number of virtual hosts, however these would all go to a single configured redirect.

    We need to be able to do a redirect to different .iok's directly. So for instance > >

    Current configuration allows multiple vhosts to one location.

    Can this be added, as there appears to be no way to achieve this in the configuration.

  •     tjbate May 15, 2015 11:27AM
    Andrew - as discussed via e-mail, this problem can probably best be solved using by using a proxy. If enough clients need one, we may be able to add a proxy service to the Web Server or Admin Web Server bundled in Omniscope Server Editions.

    Feel free to post the idea of us adding an internal proxy to manage all this type of re-direct and link obfuscation/clear text link guessing security issues as an Idea.


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