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Links: Images, videos, webpages in Web/Table/Content/Tile views? - Visokio Forums
Links: Images, videos, webpages in Web/Table/Content/Tile views?
  • Focus_Media Focus_Media November 18, 2013 12:22PM
    We have different rows each with a local link to a file, that would be a .jpg, wmf, etc.

    We want show content of each file inside Omniscope (we try a Web view), but only .jpg are shown inside.
    Other extensions (music & video) are opened in external application (Windows Media Player).

    Is it possible show linked files (e.g. music & video files) inside Omniscope, in a Web view or other way?

  •     paola November 29, 2013 11:28AM
    There are several ways to display video content in Omniscope.
    Inside the cells in the Table View you can display thumbnail images, local file links or web links, that will respond to interaction, and open relevant page in the Web view.
    If you have a catalogue of images, you should use the combination of Table/Tile view . Of course you can use combination of several views, so for example selection of a row in the Table view will display images in the Tile view, website in the Web View and play video in the Content view...
    For more info see the videos:
    The attached files will provide you with instructions and examples how to embed the links, files and content inside the Content view.
  • Focus_Media Focus_Media December 12, 2013 5:29AM
    Thanks for your help Paola,

    we will see how it works quietly


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