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Performance: DataManager flow being slow/unresponsive? (2.8) - Visokio Forums
Performance: DataManager flow being slow/unresponsive? (2.8)
  •        CRead October 23, 2013 8:31AM
    We're gradually transitioning to 2.8, but even on files which are new and don't have a lot of blocks I'm finding the DataManager interface frequently performs very slowly to the point that it's wasting a lot of time.

    I'm not talking about the actual calculation of fields, or how long a file takes to refresh - but simple operations such as adding a field, expanding a block, bringing up the right click menu, selecting blocks.

    It's not specific to one file, or one block type. It doesn't require a lot of blocks, although as block count goes up, responsiveness goes through the floor to an almost comic degree.

    I'm not anywhere near RAM limits in most cases, the CPU is often nigh idle, and there's no disk thrashing.
  •     chris October 23, 2013 8:41AM
    Hi Colin,

    There is no major changes in 2.8 that I can think of that would cause this issue. In order to investigate this we would need to have an example file or instructions to reproduce this problem. Can you remember the last time this happened and which file you were using? Can you reproduce this issue? If possible please send us the IOK file, or alternatively we can arrange a screen-sharing session.
  •        CRead October 23, 2013 8:50AM
    Hi Chris,

    It's pretty much any file once I get beyond a handful of blocks, so anytime you want to do a screen share I'm happy to demonstrate this.
    Although I could send you files, that might have trouble because you don't have access to the source data.
  •     chris October 23, 2013 8:56AM

    Happy to arrange a screen-share. There are issues in DataManager performance when working with a very large number of blocks, but for smaller numbers this shouldn't happen. Can you confirm that this issues doesn't exist in 2.7? When are you free for a screenshare?


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