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Idea: Scheduler watchfolder - process files in copied order? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Scheduler watchfolder - process files in copied order?
  • VoteVote Up2Vote Down     alec_webliquid September 19, 2013 5:06AM
    Hi Visokio,

    Would it be possible to implement functionality to process scheduler XML files in the order that they are copied to the watch folder? I have my processes set up in a sequential, multi-file structure, similar to the way you advise for the .iok files themselves. I would love to be able to copy all my XML files to the watch folder at once and trust that they will be processed in the correct order. Currently, I have to do it in two lots as there is no guarantee it will happen this way.

    I am aware I could write more XML files which deal with all of my .iok files at once, and I may do so in the short term, but this is still something I would very much like to see if possible.

    Is this request feasible?

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  •     tjbate September 27, 2013 6:18AM
    Alec - Event-driven control via the Scheduler is designed to execute each XML Action file immediately on receipt, then delete it and wait for the next one. You could write a batch file with a delay in copying the second XML lot...a few seconds should do it..

    It is also possible to combine multiple XML actions file into one sequentially-ordered XML file.


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