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Mapping: ESRI geocoding added (2.9+) - Visokio Forums
Mapping: ESRI geocoding added (2.9+)
  •     chris August 13, 2013 12:44PM

    In the latest version of Omniscope 2.9 (b341) we have added two ESRI geocoding services. These are available in the "Geocode" operation.

    • Esri (batch). This will geocode locations in batches. Only one result (the best match) will be returned per location. This is useful when you want to geocode a large number of locations.
    • Esri (multi match). This will return a configurable number of matches per location. You can use the "Max matches" option to specify the maximum number of locations to return per location value.

    Both of these services require an ArcGIS account. You can choose to use the ArcGIS online server or a custom server location (for example your own ArcGIS deployment).

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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