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Styling: Distributable branding/style/bookmarks (2.9+) - Visokio Forums
Styling: Distributable branding/style/bookmarks (2.9+)
  •     mustafa July 16, 2013 6:14PM
    Starting from version 2.9 we have extended the use of ILF files.

    In addition to their current use cases, ILF files can now be used to distribute branding packs, organisational style presets and data source bookmarks.

    You can now export settings fro a reference installation as ILF files you can distribute to others as e-mail attachments, via shared/synchronised folders, etc. When an installed Omniscope user double-clicks the ILF file, Omniscope will automatically install its contents in that installation, where it will affect all files managed on that installation.

    Note: the ILF extension automatically associated with Omniscope when at install time.

    Current use cases of ILF export/import files

    New use cases of ILF export/import files

    • Branding

      Distribute your branding pack to with others in a form of an ILF file which on double-click installs the branding pack on the user’s machine.

      Currently you must have the branding pack you wish to distribute as ILF on your local machine

      How to create: Settings > (Application-wide) Advanced > Tools > Create distributable branding pack…

      More information:

    • Style

      Distribute individual style with others by simply sending them an ILF which on double-click installs the Style on the user’s machine.

      How to create: Style > Application styles > Edit… select the style you wish to distribute and at the top of the dialog click “Export”.

      More information:

    • Bookmarks

      Distribute your saved bookmarks in DataManager with others in form of an ILF file. On double-clicking the ILF the bookmarks will be installed on the user's machine.

      How to create: Settings > (Application-wide) Advanced > Tools > Create distributable bookmarks…

      More information:
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