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  • iazcac June 19, 2013 12:18PM
    Hi, Hope someone can help a first time poster!
    I have a data set in Omniscope including the fields

    [Category] | [Country] | [EmployeeID]

    In English, I want to count the number employees for each country where category = X. I have tried if, subsets and recordcount and just cant get it to work! Is probably simple, but any help appreciated

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  •     tjbate June 19, 2013 1:40PM
    C - SUBSET functions do not exist in spreadsheets, so the syntax is not obvious. Basically you chose a field and function like a subject/ verb, then a clause that defines which subset of the rows you want to consider, like this:

    "Count all the (non-blank) EmployeeIDs where the Category value in the same row is X"
    SUBSET_NONEMPTYCOUNT([EmployeeID],SUBSET([Category], "X","="))

    To break it down by each Country:
    SUBSET_NONEMPTYCOUNT([EmployeeID],SUBSET2([Country], [Category], [Country],"X","=","="))

    Notice that you want all values for [Country], so you must include [Country] all values a second time as a placeholder so that the Formula knows that the match value "X" corresponds to the field [Category] in the order.

    More detail on SUBSET function syntax is here:


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