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Connectors: DoubleClick-Text to date conversion with time zones? - Visokio Forums
Connectors: DoubleClick-Text to date conversion with time zones?
  •     ALC February 18, 2013 10:49AM
    Hi - I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue - that the date feed from DoubleClick appears as a Text field instead of a Date/Time field and how I can change it so Omniscope recognises it as a Date/Time field?

    Thanks, Anna
  •     tjbate February 18, 2013 10:55AM
    Anna - If you add a Field Organiser block below the Connector block you can re-type the incoming field to be a Date/Time field by specifying both the incoming DoubleClick date format, and the date format you want Omniscope to use in the subsequent dataflow.
  •     ALC February 18, 2013 11:03AM
    Thanks - will this cause any problems with crossing time zones? I am creating the a file on my desktop, puttinging on a server (in the US) to use the scheduler and then publishing the output file to an FTP location and viewing the file back in the UK. At the moment the only way that I can try and get around this is by using formula to convert date to text and then back again - is there an easier/neater way of doing this?
  •     tjbate July 9, 2013 6:19AM
    Yes, Omniscope 2.8+ is fully time zone aware, and can do time-zone calculations to help with attribution, etc. Just be sure you know what time zone the incoming data is captured/time-stamped by its server, and make sure that all data from the same source is either recorded in the same time zone, or clearly marked with the time zone so that Omniscope can make the adjustments...


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