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Idea: Parameter to be used in formulas in DataManager? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Parameter to be used in formulas in DataManager?
  • VoteVote Up9Vote Down     bfromson1 February 15, 2013 4:57AM
    Is it possible to use a DataManager import/filter parameter in a formula?

    Example - I have defined a parameter in DataManager which is used in a record filter as part of the data loading process. In one of my tabs, I want to display the value of this parameter as part of the narrative in a Content View, so I need to add a formula which just takes this parameter value...
  •     paola February 15, 2013 11:54AM
    Parameter values are not available to choose from in the Formula dialogue box. What you can do instead is to add a new field in the Field Organiser block, tick "Replace all values", and link the value of this field to a parameter (set initial value to your parameter).
    This field will now take parameter value, and also update and reflect changes, through auto-refresh behaviour.
    Data>Background auto-refresh> Retrieve
    Please see the attached file and notice how changes to the Parameter value are immediately reflected in the loaded results in the Table View.
  •     bfromson1 February 21, 2013 10:12AM
    This works and we have used similar approach before, but it requires an extra field in the data. It would be nice if the parameter could just be exposed in a similar way to a variable
  •     paola February 21, 2013 1:14PM
    This is now an idea, enabling other users to vote for it.


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