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Scheduler: Install Scheduler on a different server machine? - Visokio Forums
Scheduler: Install Scheduler on a different server machine?
  •     tamax December 17, 2012 6:08AM
    Hi - Our customer bought the Server License and would like to install the Scheduler service on a different server machine than the machine running Omniscope Server, how can we do that?

    Their idea is that the Scheduler should not run on the same machine as the file configuration interface, i.e. the client part (the Omniscope editor?).

    Thanks a lot - Maxime
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  •     tjbate December 17, 2012 8:50AM
    Maxime - Purchases of Server and ServerPlus licenses come with the option to buy up to 2 spare Server/Plus keys for failover, test and peak-load publishing server machines.

    This option also faciltates deployment options where the main Server/Plus key is installed on a Data Centre server accessible only to Sys Admins, but the Scheduler Task List and IOK file configuration must be done by business users with no login access to the Data Center server machine.

    Administering the Server Scheduler Task List usually requires at least one Business User able to log into the Server account in order to administer the Scheduler Task List. However, Task Lists CAN be placed in shared folders and administered by more than one installation in different locations, but each of those installations needs to be a Server/Plus Edition. If the Server/Plus is configured to run 24/7/365 as a Windows Service with no log-in/log-off, only the Sys Admin needs access to the DataCentre Server.

    However, but administering the Scheduler Task List is usually not done by the Sys Admin. If the client were to buy at least one spare Server/Plus key for the price of another Desktop, then the following installation configuration would be possible:

    DataCentre Server running main Server/Plus as Windows Service 24/7/365, Scheduler Task List located in network shared folder; Sys Admin access only to the Data Centre server machine

    Lead Business User in charge of maintaining the Task List given new spare ServerPlus key to install on their on local networked machine, so that they can administer the Scheduler Task List in a network folder shared with DataCentre Server, and also configure IOK files using the same DataManager and DataExplorer interface as a Desktop Edition..

    Other Desktop Edition users also configuring IOK files and saving to folders shared with DataCentre Server/Plus installation.

    Additional information is here:


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