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Refresh: Refreshing files created in Desktop Edition? - Visokio Forums
Refresh: Refreshing files created in Desktop Edition?
  • ZhouNan November 29, 2012 5:39AM
    Hi - We are trying to distribute Omniscope files internally created by Desktop version. The data sources of the file are all from SQL Server. The file will be scheduled to be sent out every night, and the data should be refreshed before it is sent out.
    From my understanding, even if the data source blocks in DataManager are scheduled to refresh every night, these updates will not refresh from the database if the file is open in the free Viewer.

    If this is correct, is it any auto process I can implement rather than manually configure it everyday...Many thanks!
  •     tjbate November 29, 2012 9:50AM
    Zhou - Only files created/owned by ServerPlus Editions can be auto-refreshed when open in feee Viewers. You cannot create a file that auto-refreshes in free Viewers with a Desktop Edition. As you say, you also cannot refresh to a free Viewer direct from a relational database like SQL Server, there needs to be a server-side Master Report IOK file available from which enabled distributed free Viewer files can auto refresh while open.

    The attached document provides a reference for publishing Report IOK files that can be downloaded and distributed via e-mails, with continuous scheduled updates from SQL Server and the distributed auto-refresh option, licensing permitting.

  • ZhouNan November 30, 2012 6:28AM
    tjbate - Thanks! Based on the information you provided and what we have known, it is definitely not handy to achieve the requirements with Desktop version. But, we do need to provide a work around before we upgrade to ServerPlus.

    Currently, we are trying to Open the Omniscope file through Windows Scheduled Tasks using Batch file. It does work nicely in general. But, when the file is password protected, the password cannot be passed as a parameter through the Batch file to the application. So, the start up stops at showing the password window. Do you have any knowledge of why the parameter cannot be passed or have you done anything similar in the past?

    Many thanks!
  •     tjbate November 30, 2012 6:43AM
    Zhou - You should be able to pass some parameters...please see this thread and add to it as needed:
  •     tjbate November 30, 2012 6:46AM
    Zhou - Rather than try to move heaven and earth trying to finish a POC for a Server -based solution using only a Desktop, why not just ask for a temporary upgrade of your Desktop to ServerPlus so you can show the true solution?

    In your case, your organisation has several ServerPlus spare dev/test keys around as might be able to borrow one?
  •     Mees May 3, 2013 5:33AM

    we need to refresh iok files with photo's. Iok file gets too large to send daily and therefore client is asking for a local solution. Iok file is stored locally and new photo's are added when available. Master file is stored centrally on our server.

    Think situation is similar as above but perhaps it is a bit different due to the fact we are dealing with photo's in stead of datatables.

    Do we need ServerPlus or are there other options for us? We currently have a server edition.



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