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Ideas: Table View - more formatting options?
  • VoteVote Up0Vote Down     enrico68 November 23, 2012 5:01AM
    Hi - After fiew months of using Omniscope, mostly for evaluating its features, we are now beginning to use it for implementing reports required by the Company Board and Marketing service.

    I have to say that most of the reports required are tables of various format; considering this I'm particularly interested in tryint to exploit all the table view features.

    I have no problem in getting the required data but unfortunaltely I have to say that it seems to me that at the moment there are many graphical formatting limitations.
    I've read other discussions about this needs and I'd like to know it these issues are solved or if they will be considered in future releases.

    In particular I think it will be useful to have the possibility to:

    - insert a table title including variable parts (such as formulas) or logos;
    - format column headers (changing column header color and font, centering headers);
    - have table headers based on multiple rows and different disposition (like the colspan and rowspan html command) including also descriptions and not only column data headers;
    - apply format to reported values (including different date and numbers representation - es: apply /1,000,000);
    - apply format to columns (centering values, representing negative values in red or between brackets, ....);
    - ....

    At the moment the only way I've found to make a table applying some of these features is to create a Content view and produce the table using scripting, but I would really like to be able to do the same without programming.

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  •     steve November 23, 2012 10:17AM

    Some of this is already possible, and some not yet.

    Possible, at least partly:
    • Page and View titles with formulas. For example: Total sales are {{SUBSET_SUM([sales])}}. Currently there is no UI to edit/insert formulas in titles yet; best to copy/paste from elsewhere for anything complex. Doesn't support HTML.
    • Logos - use small content views, blank views with images, header images on the page. Control the size of small views using "Fix view width/height".
    • Column header colour via app styles "inside view colour" (Ctrl+L), but these are global to app, and not independently per view or per column
    • Column header font - currently only one font setting in table view that configures font size for entire table, and a file-wide font family option in settings menu - nothing more precise than this
    • Header and cell value alignment - right-click header in table - 2.8 only -

    Not yet possible except via content view:
    • Different colour/font individual table headers
    • Displayed comments for fields/columns (currently only Field Notes via tooltip)
    • Spanning headers/cells (although grouping in Table view may help for a row-span effect)
    • Formulaic number representation/formatting - a "display formula" option for a given field. A number field would continue to be calculated as a number, but when displayed in a view, would apply this "display formula".
    • Red colour or bracketed negatives in Table view

    It would be helpful if individual ideas for new functionality were split out, or an existing idea located, and then voted on.

    More granular control over font sizes is requested here:



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