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Outputs: Exporting subsets into spreadsheets? - Visokio Forums
Outputs: Exporting subsets into spreadsheets?
  • ZhouNan October 25, 2012 5:08AM
    Hi - I am trying to export an Excel spreadsheet from the Omniscope file using:

    File > Export > Create Excel Spreadsheet

    It allows me to choose which fields/columns to be exported but not to select the subset of rows that come from each differnent source. Because the file contains multiple data sources, there are many unrelated and empty fields exported with the filtered-in subset which are hard for user to process in Excel.

    Is there a way to export only the rows/columns that come from the same data source?
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  •     tjbate October 25, 2012 11:35AM
    Zhou - The option you tried is a legacy option and does not have any options to choose a Subset.

    Exporting a spreadsheet file and saving it (as opposed to opening but not saving it) is done from:

    File > Export > Data File {choose Excel file format}

    The Export > Data File option DOES allow you to extensively customise the spreadsheet file being saved.

    At the moment, there appears to be a bug in some versions such that not all source subsets defined as Named Queries in the IOK file are being respected on data file export and save.

    Please try exporting just one source subset with your installed version and report it as a bug if the exported data set is not excactly the subset you selected.

    Also see this discussion:


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