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Formula performance and usability improvements (2.8+) - Visokio Forums
Formula performance and usability improvements (2.8+)
  •     steve October 22, 2012 8:34AM
    INTERSECTION performance

    From tonight's build of 2.8, the INTERSECTION, UNION and INVERSE functions now perform as well as the older SUBSET functions and can be used instead in all cases.

    So, for example, rather than use the somewhat convoluted:

    SUBSET3(field1, field2, field3, value1, value2, value3,
    operator1, operator2, operator3)

    you can now use the much simpler format:

    SUBSET(field1, value1, operator1),
    SUBSET(field2, value2, operator2),
    SUBSET(field3, value3, operator3)

    as well as using more complex logic such as:


    Formula editing

    Additionally, the formula editor now has improved UI performance and is easier to read, with contextual highlighting of relevant parts of a formula immediately surrounding the cursor position, allowing you to visualise the formula structure better.

    Simplify and Reformat

    Two new buttons have been added to the formula editor:

    "Simplify" converts complex SUBSET2 to SUBSET5 variants into INTERSECTION-based formulae. In future it may also change use of other legacy functions into their recommended alternatives.

    "Reformat" reformats all whitespace in your formula for readability.

    Neither of these commands will affect the formula result, but "Simplify" may yield better performance in future.
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  • admin May 10, 2013 11:53AM
    This feature is now publicly available in 2.8 beta:


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