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Free Viewer: Export to Excel from free Viewer? - Visokio Forums
Free Viewer: Export to Excel from free Viewer?
  • p_parry September 28, 2012 7:28AM
    When selecting to see the details of a bar chart (or any other item that brings up a table pop-up) in the free Viewer I am unable to then export this table as a list into Excel to give me fully visibility of my data. I have the ability to export it as a .PDF and PowerPoint file but both give me only a partial view alike to a screenshot.

    I CAN export this by using my Desktop Edition by selecting File->Export->Create Excel Spreadsheet and then chosing the option to export selected data. Please can I ask if firstly if I am missing something and this functionality is available in the free Viewer but I'm unable to find it? and secondly if I'm not missing anything, would it not be far more useful to have this function in the free Viewer from a data visibility point of view? N.B. I am currently operating on version 2.7 b734
  •     tjbate September 28, 2012 7:46AM
    Philip - this is a licensing issue...if the license key 'owning' the IOK files you receive is a Server license, then the Export to Excel (and many other) useful features ARE available from free Viewers. If the file is 'owned' by a Server Edition, this feature is not enabled in the files refreshed and distributed. This is really an upgrade to Server data publisher issue.
  • p_parry September 28, 2012 9:50AM
    Unfortunately this is a file I've created using the Desktop Edition and not the Server Edition. I've then e-mailed this file to a test user account with the free Viewer which then loses the described functionality
  •     tjbate September 28, 2012 9:57AM
    Well yes, it should.

    Since your organisation already has a Server license, all that is required is for you not to owner-lock your version of the IOK file, and to open and save that version of the IOK using the Server installation, which should be in charge of automatically distributing all IOK files to free Viewer users. If the Server Edition 'owns' the file, then the file will be empowered for export to Excel from the free Viewer.
  • p_parry September 28, 2012 10:39AM
    Sorry about the confusion there but I've now done exactly as you've said and its working. Abit of messing about no doubt but it works so that'll do


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