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Layout: text wrapping/font sizes in view headers
  • averilh November 3, 2009 2:43PM
    I can adjust the font size of the labels on a pie chart, but can't work out how to change the font size of the data title bar. I have a very long data title, and it is not visible with the current font size. Can this be done?

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D [Deleted User] November 3, 2009 7:52PM
    Yes, if you right-click on the data title, you will see a full text formatting menu, including the option to revert to defaults
  •     dpawley September 24, 2015 6:03AM
    I have a problem with a Graph title, can you make a Title go on to 2 lines? When you have a small chart on a page, it just chops the end of Title off rather than wrapping the text? Cheers,
  •     paola September 24, 2015 6:39AM
    You could try to reduce the header font size to fit more in (right-click on the title will open the menu), alternatively you can place a Content view above the graph and enter multiple lines of text.

    HeaderFontmenu.jpg 52K


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