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Display: Adjust font size for labels, colour keys, axes...? - Visokio Forums
Display: Adjust font size for labels, colour keys, axes...?
  • VoteVote Up9Vote Down     Julia_OIS May 2, 2012 10:22AM
    I think this was already a discussion but it seems to be closed. I still miss the option to adjust the font size independently for labels, axes, colour keys and so on. It would be so helpful to have more options for the different labels, also for the axes-measures, like it is possible in Microsoft Office-graphs for example. The graphs themselves give the most important information - for us and our clients - so there has to be a way to make the graphs more meaningful and informative and also attractive.

    I think this possibility was planned to be implemented in the new version - which leads to the question, when this new version will be released? For good presentations, we have an urgency for the missing features...

    Best regards
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  • Patricia May 3, 2012 4:29AM
    I would like to back Julia's suggestion. The independent configuration of the Omniscope dashboards becomes also important when I export Omniscope dashboards into a PowerPoint presentation. In the exported images, legends or color keys are often too small at the bottom of the graph and can be easily overlooked.

    Best, Patricia


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