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colour in 2.6
  •     davy September 6, 2011 7:45PM
    Hi there,

    I've recently installed ominscope 2.6.

    I've noticed that colours aren't appearing as they do on 2.5 (eg table view white, bar view with same colours).

    Is there any way of making colours appear as a default everytime I open a new file (like a permanent setting)?

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  •     steve September 7, 2011 8:14AM
    The colours and effects in Omniscope 2.6 (for new files - pre-existing files retain their old colours) are much cleaner and purer to remove visual distractions and draw the eye only to aspects of the data, according to best-practice principles of data visualisation established by Edward Tufte and Stephen Few, among others. We have also changed the colour scheme for data values to one that is more suitable to the most common forms of colour blindness (affecting around 10% of males).

    The downside is the views have less visual "punch". If you prefer to keep the glossy effects and brighter colours from Omniscope 2.5, follow these steps:

    • Start Omniscope and create a new file or open any file.
    • Open "Style > Edit style presets".
    • Choose "Tools > Import" and import the attached file (after unzipping).
    • Choose "Add all" when prompted.
    • Choose "Tools > Omniscope tab default > Classic preset".
    • Choose "Tools > Save as application-wide defaults".
    • Choose "OK" and close the file, discarding if prompted.

    This will make all new files default to the 2.5 look and feel.

    Existing files you have already created in 2.6 can be switched using "Style > Classic preset"; Ctrl-click this menu item to apply to all tabs.

    You may also want to change the Bar view "Tools > Bar colours" to "Auto", but you will need to do this for every new file.
    Classic 2K


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