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Setting up R for Omniscope 2.9 - Visokio Forums
Setting up R for Omniscope 2.9
  • glen June 1, 2015 9:30AM
    Omniscope integrates with open source analytics libraries written in the R language, making R-based analytics more accessible and productive since data scientists and business users can work together, each doing what each does best.

    Installing R is a simple process, but is required for use within Omniscope. This Forum post details how the user does this by completing the following simple steps.

    1. Select the link below which corresponds to your current operating system to install R. The process is similar to installing a normal piece of software. It is particularly important to note where R has been installed (the R binary path) if the default location is not used.

      Each of these links also has helpers for installing R in each of the operating systems.
    2. Now the R binary path needs to be configured in Omniscope. This is done by selecting:

      Data > R statistics > R settings…


      This will open the following window:


      The default location for R is already entered into the R binary file path. If you have installed R to a different location then this will need to be entered manually. Once this step has been completed click “Check now” to ensure that Omniscope is able to use R’s functionality. This will open the following dialog box:


      If this is displayed then you are ready to use R functionality inside Omniscope.


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