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Idea: Publishing-Open new file with 'Client X' styling applied? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Publishing-Open new file with 'Client X' styling applied?
  • VoteVote Up1Vote Down        CRead February 17, 2015 12:42PM
    As far as I can tell, there's not a way to implement this in the same way as Excel etc. do.

    I am aware of %AppData%\Local\Visokio\Omniscope\UserThemes\for saved tab themes.
    I am also aware of being able to distribute ILF files to add to %AppData%\Local\Visokio\Omniscope\LayoutModes.xml

    If you open a new Omniscope window, currently there are two 'new file' opening options - DataManager workspace and DataExplorer workspace, but it would be nice to have the option to open a new (Client 1) file. Perhaps in the space available next to Demos?

    I would like a default Client 1file to open with:
    - a default cover
    - a style guide tab listing colours, fonts etc.
    - a tab with some sample views showing the general design approach for that client
    - a checklist tab specific to the client e.g. check at 1024*768 resolution
    - CategoryDataColourPresets and ContinuousDataColourPresets presets reflecting the style guide
    - adding a new tab would have other style compliant options for that client (not just blank/text only/ datamanager)
    - the file would include some of the default images already loaded in (e.g. logos)

    The benefit of this would be that the files which we deliver would be more consistent, and it would be much less effort per file to ensure that basic things like title sizes are acceptable to clients who have to work with smaller screens.

    Ideally, the default Client 1 file would be hosted on our network share / intranet so that the master file could be kept up to date, and not installed per machine. Having a pointer in might be a good way to manage the mapping.
  •     paola February 17, 2015 12:58PM
    Hi, thanks, that is an interesting idea.
    In the meantime you could create/share presets and styles, which will be designed by one person, e.g. your graphic designer, then distributed via .ilf files to all those who need the template with branding and colours. Once installed they will become part of each user's installation and be there on their menu.

    More info here:
  •     tjbate February 17, 2015 1:20PM
    Also, if you always save a master Template 'Client 1' IOK file with all settings, containing stale or no data, this should be a good starting point for everyone?

    The Client 1 styling information and checklist you mention can be added the Help page in the Template file, and this can be removed after data refresh but prior to live distribution.
  •        CRead February 27, 2015 9:06AM
    I'd also like to be able to do a lot more to set things like category colours to be in line with client styles. At the moment, if I try to edit category colours, I have a choice of presets, but I can't see a way to create my own. For example, PI has three (four if you include grey) colours, which can each have lighter shades displayed as needed. Other clients have their own colours which follow a similar rule. At the moment, I need to edit views to individually apply the colour scheme, which is very time consuming.

    Paola, there are issue with what you've suggested. I acknowledged the option in the original comment, but as omni is updated and new options become available / bugs are fixed, it would be good for each new file to automatically start from a centralised repository. I'd like for the output we deliver to be more consistent with what clients ask for (colours / fonts etc.), and I think making this easier than the current way is likely to see that happen.
  •     paola February 27, 2015 9:44AM
    When you edit the category colours under the
    Data>Manage fields>Field Options>Value order, colours, shapes
    you can pick the exact client colours.

    This setting will then be applied throughout the file, you will not have to edit it view-by-view.
    If you then save this file as a template e.g. "Client A template", you could use it for future reports.
    If you use the current settings and save these as a preset or style, you will be able to share it with your colleagues, who might be working on other reports for this client.
    Happy to do a screen-share to look into your reports.
  •        CRead February 27, 2015 9:56AM
    The issue with that is that each separate report will have different fields. I'd like them to default to the standardised colour scheme as they're added. At present, we often have issues with output being in non-standard colours and thus requiring rework.


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