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Styling: Examples of modern/fancy dashboards? - Visokio Forums
Styling: Examples of modern/fancy dashboards?
  • nash November 14, 2014 3:18AM
    I would love to see examples of modern dashboards made with Visokio Omniscope. The examples on the webpage are a bit old. My colleagues give me examples from infographs, good data etc. and it should look as fancy as there.
    I found this discussions:
    However there are no results posted.
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  •     paola November 14, 2014 9:32AM
    Hi Nash,
    very good point - we've recently introduced some new branding and styling features enabling you to create nice templates, customising the colours of all segments of the page, then share these with your colleagues (by sending them .ilf files). Usually in a company this would be a job for a graphic designer, ensuring that all reports/dashboards for client X have uniform appearance with the relevant colours/branding.


    some template examples posted here

    We encourage clients to share their cool files on our forum (not necessarily just pretty infographics and dashboards) - would you be prepared to post some of your work?
    Recent demo showing combination of mapping and data animation :

    We will have another competition soon!


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