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Unstructured Data transformation: Reading in Transactional data
  • freddiewalker October 7, 2014 7:41AM
    Hi there,
    I have some transactional data I would like to read into Omniscope if possible.. If not, any ideas of other programs/software I could potentially use would be appreciated.
    I have attached an excel file with a few quick examples of the data (and its breakdown). Ideally I would like to read in each separate transaction into an amount of records that corresponds to how many products there are in that transaction. So for each product I would have date/time/payment method/units/value/multibuy information etc...

    Would this be possible on Omniscope?
    Many thanks.
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  •     paola October 8, 2014 11:38AM
    Omniscope can deal with unstructured data, as long as there is consistency e.g. 6 stands for new record, number of characters in Product code is the same, or there is logic that can be applied to divide concatenated text into multiple fields.
    Please have a look at the suggested workflow - you will have to do this only once...
    If you can find a better piece of software to do this, please let us know ;-)
    From this:
    To this:


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