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New: Chromium browser engine bundled (2.9+)
  • antonio     antonio April 15, 2014 9:20AM

    From version 2.9 b1149+ Omniscope will bundle the Chromium browser engine, a stable, modern and standards-compliant open-source browser engine which is behind the Google Chrome browser.

    This major change will bring important benefits:
    • Users will not need a browser installed on their machine to use Web view, Content view, and Omniscope Mobile interface.
    • Application stability will improve as Omniscope will no longer suffer from issues caused by the old version of the installed browser (e.g. IE6).
    • Omniscope user experience will be boosted and improved in terms of look-and-feel, regardless the machine specifications.

    Please feel free to test it and send us your feedback.


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