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Export: Re-branding data exports from browser views
  •     richard February 28, 2014 8:06AM
    Omniscope Mobile's export view functionality has been extended to support branded exports using an existing XLSX file as a template (b936+).

    Attached is an example using the 'Bond Prices' demo file and a basic XLSX file as a template. Any exports generated from this IOK file will now be output as an XLSX using the same styling etc.

    To use this example, unzip '' and place it within your 'mobile' directory of the Omniscope Mobile Server deployment. (Note: You will need to enable exports for this to work - see links below).

    • Go to this post for instructions on how to enable exporting.
    • Go to this post for instructions on how to configure branding.

    Setting up branded exports

    To configure your own branded exports:
    1. Move your XLSX file into the 'branding.internal/mobile/app' folder related to the relevant IOK.
    2. Copy the 'export_view.xml' file to the same location.
    3. Edit the contents of the XML file using the instructions below.
    4. Run your IOK file using Omniscope Mobile Server and click the export button on any view.

    Configuring the XML

    <exportview templateFile="my_template.xlsx" worksheet="Data" column="2" row="5" includeHeaders="true" />

    Points to your XLSX file which must be inside the same 'branding.internal/mobile/app' folder.

    Name of the worksheet which will contain your export.

    Column/row position where the data export will start.

    Whether or not to include a header row of field names.

  •        CRead June 6, 2014 8:44AM
    I can get the export to work, but the data exported seems to always include all the underlying data rather than respecting the applied filters. Have I missed a setting here?

    Within the folder being served I may have several live files, how can I configure the export_view.xml on a per-file basis so that the different files have different templates to export via?
  •     richard June 9, 2014 5:46AM
    Hi Colin

    Exports will respect your current filter state as long as the view is not using the ALL subset. We do not currently support exporting in aggregated format so if your view has this configured then the export will ignore these settings.

    Templates are configured folder-wide. So if you would like to configure different templates then the files need to exist in different folders.

  •        CRead June 16, 2014 4:24AM
    Hi Richard,

    I'm not able to get the filters to affect the output. I'm using the Bond Prices file, and I've edited the saved template so that it has no data records in it. I've filtered in the mobile interface to show a handful of records, yet when I hit the button to download data on the view I'm getting the full 892, even though the view is set up to respect filtering.
  •     richard June 16, 2014 5:05AM
    Hi Colin

    We have found the problem and it is now fixed. This will be available in tomorrow morning's daily build of 2.9
  •        CRead January 12, 2015 10:56AM
    I'm deploying this now, and having a minor issue with formatting.

    I have a template file with mostly text fields, but some number fields and dates too.
    I have each column formatted appropriately for each of the relevant dates/numbers.
    When the branded export is run, the exported data all appears as text, with a cell format of General.
    I cannot run VBA to patch this up, since I am not able to use .xls or .xlsm template files.
    Running 2.9-rc b1547 Omniscope Web Server
  •     richard January 12, 2015 11:42AM
    Hi Colin

    Could you email me (or Visokio support) the IOK, "export_view.xml' and Excel 'template' files please so I can reproduce the problem? I have tried setting up my own example but could not get the issue to occur.

  •     richard February 4, 2015 12:31PM
    The formatting issue has now been resolved in 2.9
  •        CRead February 19, 2015 8:46AM
    Hi Richard,

    Does that mean the host machine no longer needs MS Excel installed?
  •     richard February 19, 2015 8:57AM
    Hi Colin

    You won't need Excel installed to generate basic ".xls" view exports but if you have it installed then the formatting is better - which is needed for the issue you previously highlighted.

    We support 2 methods of writing ".xls" in Omniscope and the one with better formatting (which we now use as default for exporting view data) relies upon Excel being installed. If Excel is not detected then we fall back on the basic formatting method.


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