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Idea: Styling - Sharing XML styles w/custom colour pallettes? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Styling - Sharing XML styles w/custom colour pallettes?
  • VoteVote Up5Vote Down     OmarKhan December 3, 2012 12:50PM
    Currently, custom style settings can be derived from existing Application Styles, and changed Style settings saved locally as a custom Style XML files with a new names. These XML files can be found only in the the installation directory and the XML file must be copied and passed through email, and recipients must then copy these custom Style XML files into their own Omniscope installation folder to have access to the customised style settings.

    I would like to propose two things:

    1.) It should be possible to export a defined custom XML Style file directly from an unlocked IOK file and automatically import/save it to the local need for others to have privileges to look and copy directly in installation files and circulate XML files to everyone by email attachment.

    2.) Custom colour ranges and related colour picker default pallette options should be added to the Style schema in the XML style file, such that these settings can also be automatically exported to the local installation from any unlocked IOK Report file.

    I attach some screenshots relating to the points above.

    oh.png 10K
    on.png 25K


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