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Connectors: Initiating new Connector development
  •     chris March 28, 2012 4:42AM
    In order to develop a new Connector, we will need the following:

    1. Access to the connector API. We need to ensure that the API uses technologies that are compatible with Omniscope. Most do, but some could stand improvement, which we can discuss with the data vendor.

    2. An initial set of requirements. The requirements should contain an overview of how the Connector should work and what data it should generate. An example specification might be something like:

      "At the top of the Connector the user enters their username and password. The user then selects an account. The user selects a report. The reports initially provided are 'Timeline', 'Cost analysis', 'Custom'. If the user selects the 'Custom' report the user can select a series of metrics/dimensions. Finally the user clicks the 'Execute' button to get the report data."

    3. Access to a test account. We need to test the Connector with realistic fully populated data sets while we are developing it.

    4. An end user contact. During new Connector development, we may have questions about the functionality that are not covered in the initial requirements. We need an end user contact who can answer these questions and provide feedback during the development cycle.

    5. A technical contact. We need access to the data vendor API developer who can provide assistance should we encounter any problems with the API.

    6. We may need justification/motivation for developing the connector, such as external funding, or significant demand/votes posted on the Forum by existing and potential licensees.
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