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Stronger colours in a table view needed - Visokio Forums
Stronger colours in a table view needed
  • VoteVote Up0Vote Down p_parry October 12, 2011 6:37AM
    When in a table view I have different colours in different columns, if I increase the "Row Variation" slider, alternate rows become more pronounced. If I have this set the other way the rows look all the same colour but the colour is so faint its not hard to track across the different columns. Does anybody know of a way to make these colours stronger for all rows in the column, keeping in mind the colour I have selected from the colour options is a strong colour to begin with just not when applied to this table view.
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  •     steve October 12, 2011 1:00PM
    The "Row variation" slider allows you to control alternating row contrast to help you track rows across the screen.

    There's no way to increase the strength of colours shown in *every* row. I've reclassified this as an Idea.


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