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Idea: Styling - More elegant/aesthetically pleasing visuals? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Styling - More elegant/aesthetically pleasing visuals?
  • VoteVote Up0Vote Down checkyourfuel     checkyourfuel April 8, 2009 6:36PM
    A prospective customer is impressed with Omniscope's multitude of features for slicing and dicing and compressing and sharing/publishing data, but less so when it comes to the bar, pie and graph visuals.

    The question: can Omniscope's bars, pies, etc be configured so they're a little more pleasing to the eye. Similar to what Xcelsius pumps out or like LinkedIn's poll visualisations e.g. (animated, soft on the edges/eyes, etc).

    This customer, by the way, is an Xcelsius user...and, like many businesses, has grown comfortable with its slickness, but needs greater flexibility.
    James Sandoval
    SVP & Managing Director, EMEA

    T: +44 7740 284 164
    Twitter: @checkyourfuel
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  •     steve April 9, 2009 5:04PM
    Thanks for the feedback.

    To date, Omniscope's development has prioritised functionality and usability. Some views have more "slickness" than others, such as animation and gradients, and we expect to gradually expand this across the remaining views in future. There is not a great demand for this and it would happen only after key planned functionality had been completed.

    We believe your linkedin example to be too far in the "slickness" direction, detracting from the visualisation. Some users say Omniscope's colours and gradients are too much and favour simpler, flatter and purer visualisations. We aim to strike a balance somewhere in the middle between style+effects and functionality+simplicity; where practical we try to give the user the options to configure each file to look as they want.


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