Web Services Client

Communicating with Web Services

This section provides more technical details on using Omniscope together with one or more remote server(s) offering defined web services.

In order for Omniscope to export selcted or user input data to a remote web service, the web service must first be configured in Omniscope using Settings > Web Services > Add Web Service.

By default, Omniscope currently only exports one column of selected data from the open file to the remote web server, although this column can be a collapsed set of columns with a recoginised delimiter that enables the remote server to parse a submitted slate of separate inputs. Furthermore, although the results of web service calls are often displayed in Web Views or the users' default browsers, it is possible to define formulae fileds that import web services output and dipslay them from inside the open Omniscope file.  For more information about using Omniscope with Web Services, please contact us.

Posting column data to web services

Omniscope submits information taken from the open file to web services by making a POST with the following parameters:

  • Record1=value1
  • Record2=value2
  • ...
  • RecordX=valueX

The values sent can be the values in any field in Omniscope, for example, ticker symbols, or price quotes, any user input etc.

The web service receiving data from Omniscope must be able to read this format and generate output based upon the information sent.

A very simple example of code for a web page (written for Coldfusion) that can use this information is:

<cfloop collection="#form#" item="item">

This simply loops through the records and outputs the values to the web page. With this basic information it is easy to build up complicated web services that can display further information based on user-selected groups of records posted from Omniscope.

For more information:

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