System Requirements

Omniscope System requirements

Requirements for fully-installed and activated local installations

Operating system and architecture

Windows - All Omniscope Editions can be installed on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 upwards, on both desktop/laptop and server Windows versions. Windows 8 mobile devices support Java and will run the fully-installed Viewer and activated Desktop Editions as well, ideally on 64-bit tablets with at least 4 GB of RAM depending on 'dashboard' file sizes.

Mac/OSX - The Mac version requires OS X 10.5 upwards.  From version 2.8, Omniscope for OS X 10.7 upwards is standalone. There are some minor Safari browser related issues when running on Mac. Contact us for more information.

Linux - The free Viewer runs with full user interface on Linux distributions that support Java, but activated Editions such as Server/Publisher are designed to run 'headless' on Linux servers.

iIOS and Android - iPads and Android tablets/phones do not support Java, and are supported only via their browsers running the Omniscope Mobile HTML5/JavaScript interactive visualisations hosted by Server Edition. Server Editions can support either 50 or unlimited concurrent browser sessions, licensing and hardware permitting.


Requirements will vary with the size of the data sets being refreshed and distributed: a typical 32-bit Windows PC with at least 512 MB RAM and at least a 1 GHz CPU will handle average data sets.

For large files (over about 16-18 million cells), 2 GB RAM or more may be required. Machines running 64-bit Omniscope on a 64-bit operating system with 4 GB of RAM or more will handle much larger files up to the limits imposed by the installed RAM. More information on scaling and performance

Disk space 

Omniscope has modest hard disk requirements.  200 MB free space should be sufficient.

Omniscope Online (WebStart)

Omniscope Online is a zero-install version of Omniscope Viewer which launches from a Launch button on a web page.  Requires Java 5 or later to be installed on the target machine, readily available on all corporate desktops.

Executable JAR

Omniscope Viewer is also available as an executable JAR file.  This will run on any modern computing platform supporting Java 5 or later, including Unix and Linux.