Out of Memory

Managing out of Memory Errors

What to do if you get an Out of Memory Error?

You may have reached the data capacity limit on your computer. This is more often a problem with computers running 32-bit Windows, which limit data addressing space. Please consider using the 64-bit Windows and installing the 64-bit version of Omniscope. Both are available at no extra charge.  Machines with 64-bit Windows can access billions of times more data than machines running 32-bit Windows.


1) As a possible fix with existing Operating System and RAM, please push the maximum memory above the 75% default as instructed in this page.


It is recommended that if you are on a 32-bit PC with 2GB memory, that you push the limit up to 1750MB. In case you run multiple instances of Omniscope, they will all use the same settings, as configured in installconfig.properties, so you will have to decrease memory allocation and make sure MAX_MEMORY is adjusted so it leaves some memory for the OS (on a machine with 4GB of ram and 2 GB pagfile, with 4 Omniscope instances running - Xmx should be set to 2GB).


2) You can also try to increase the -Xms, in installconfig.properties, which is the initial memory allocated to Java.  Default of 64M might be too low and you can try 256M.  

For example, to set Xms to 256 use:



Note: there is dash before capital X, followed by 'ms' followed by a number and ending in a 'M' 


3)  Set DISABLE_DEFAULT_HEAP_OPTIONS=true in installconfig.properties . Turning this option on will disable Omniscope's default memory options and may have an impact on memory.


4) Add "-XX:+UseParallelGC" without the quotes to "Additional_jvm_args property in installconfig.properties.  This is useful diagnostic tool it helps us verify if the default Java memory management algorithm is causing the issue. Turning this option on effectively replaces the default with an another algorithm. The role of the memory mamangent algorithm is to go through and release memory so that when certain sections of memory are no longer required they are freed so that they can be used later. 


If any of the above has not solved your problem, contact us for further help.