Omniscope Editions

Omniscope Editions

All Editions are installed using the same freely-redistributable common installer file download. Viewers can be installed without Administrator privileges and upgraded to other Editions at any time by activating with a license key. All Editions have the same system requirements, but Server Editions typically require more RAM and should run on "always-on" server machines with failover/backup servers to support 24/7 automation. See also this feature matrix

Start with just a Desktop; typical solutions eventually involve a mix of Editions, such as one principal Server (optional 2 spare keys), Desktops and unlimited free Viewers.

free Viewer

Desktop Edition

Server(50) / Unlimited

Interactive navigation of local IOK files containing data and configured by others
Import, integrate, transform, analyse, visualise, present and publish data
Automated file refresh/publish/hosting with personalisation and advanced file security 
  • Free
  • Explore files configured by others interactively in visually-rich tabs
  • Filter and select with instant feedback/re-visualisation
  • Print and export screenshots and PDF/PPT files

  • Files published from Server Editions can empower a range of additional features in free Viewers, like live refresh, export to Excel and others (see below)

  • Optional 30-day trial of Desktop Edition, then installation reverts back to a Viewer.
  • Import, integrate, transform and export data using drag-and-drop DataManager workspace
  • Explore, filter and analyse data 
  • Create and edit publishable curated data sets
  • Define formulas and variable assumption-driven models
  • Continuously refresh data from source(s)
  • Customise filters, views, tabs, layout and branding

  • Works together with free open source resources like R, incorporating 'canned' and custom analytics and tranformation scripts

  • Supports embedding of custom JavaScript for either transformation or visualisation
  • Proprietary compression and encryption, with layered file security options like time-limiting, as well as passwords, etc. 

  • Create and share fully-configured IOK report files, secure and highly-compressed, ideal for internet delivery, opening in unlimited free Viewers
  • All Desktop functionality, plus the ability to host and deploy IOK files as HTML5/JS browser link displays for devices that do not support the free Viewer, such as iPads, Andriod tablets and Chromebooks.

  • Additional file security options:
    - web authentication
    - Active Directory/LDAP federation
    - top security 'walled gardens'
  • Automated refresh, batch personalisation and delivery/publishing whenever data sources change.

  • Includes unlimited Batch file personalisation and distribution based on an easy-to-manage IOK file "distribution list".

  • Includes the Scheduler, a separate application (or Windows service) that automates a Task List of  file actions such as executing and re-executing a DataManager workflow according to a defined time schedule.

  • Creates enabled IOK files that empower selected actions in free Viewers (see below).

  • Server(50) Edition supports 50 concurrent browser sessions, hardware permitting. Upgradeable to Unlimited Server Edition.

Empowered Viewer extended rights

IOK files created by a Server Edition are 'empowered' to enable extended features in all free Viewers:

  • Empowerment included standard in all free Viewers (whenever opening files created by Servers)
  • Continuously refresh data from central IOK 'datamart' or master Report files over the Internet.
  • Export user-selected data subsets as Excel/CSV
  • Export and embed pre-configured legacy DataPlayers from IOK to PDF, PowerPoint, Excel documents
  • Add/edit comments using the Content View
  • Save commented IOK files

Academic licensing 


Visokio are now offering 90% discounted Workgroup Editions, fully-functional versions that create IOM (rather than IOK) files, which are not for general re-distribution via the web or free Viewer. On a discretionary basis, your files/Edition can be upgraded to IOK/Desktop if you agree to give Visokio fully re-distributable versions of the files and data. You will be required to provide proof of enrolment. Please submit a sales enquiry for more details. 

Professors and Researchers

Visokio offers a discretionary 50% academic non-commercial use discount of the equivalent Omniscope commercial licenses. Please submit a sales enquiry for more details. 


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