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Date/Time: Sorting Category filters by Date? - Visokio Forums
Date/Time: Sorting Category filters by Date?
  •     PaulChapman March 6, 2013 9:01AM
    Hi there, I have a set of data which is date orientated. When I make the date a category in the filter, I see the list of dates in correct date order 02-13, 03-13 etc and I can select the dates which i do / do not want to show. The problem I have is when I change the display from 02-13 to Feb-13. The filter then works alphabetically.

    I have not found a way of re-sorting the filter to let me choose the order I want. This is a problem when I want to use pane's side by side, with the oldest date at the top rather than the alpha date at the top. Can anyone suggest a way of doing this?

    Thanks, Paul
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  •     tjbate March 6, 2013 10:24AM
    Paul - This is an issue related to data typing. If you declare a field/column to be a Date/Time field, with the data imported and stored as fully-defined Date/Times, then Omniscope will know the correct order, but the filtering options will be range sliders, since Dates/Times are continuous values.

    If, however, you duplicate your date field and re-type the duplicate as Text/Category, this enables you to use category filters, but Omniscope now has no way, other than alpha-numeric sorting, to determine the sort order of the dates, since they are now just text and have lost all logical meaning as dates.

    There are two solutions for establishing the correct chronological order in a field that is now just text values. One is to use the output/display Date/Time format that alpha-numeric sorts in chronological order, something like:


    The other is to tell Omniscope how to order the text values by dragging them into the correct (chronological) order:

    Data > Manage fields > {Field} > Options > Value order


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